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Anchored to the wall thanks to a reassuringly heavy wooden frame, yet somehow floating away

Perfectly Printed:
HD 12-colour process

Fine Art Quality:
Inks Certified 100+ yrs

Four Print Finishes
To Suit Your Style

Standard Production:
7 – 10 Working Days

Priority Service:
3 – 5 Day Turnaround

Made To Order:
Bespoke Sizes Upto 3m

Tray Frames


The stand-out contemporary luxury art piece – flawless HD acrylic print rendered on sublime materials, seemingly captured in a custom-made sustainable wooden frame. We leave each perfect glossy diamond-cut edge of the acrylic exposed, giving the semblance that the image might just float away. 

The effect is mesmerising making this the perfect choice for a Fine Art piece in a place of prominence. 



Here are some of the details that set our HD Acrylics apart:

Printing.  12-colour archival pigment printing (Fine Art).
Certified.  Canon pigment inks are guaranteed for 100+ years.
Thickness.  6mm total. 5mm premium cast acrylic + 1mm backing.
Finishing.  High gloss hand buffed edges.
Ready to hang.  Supplied with an aluminium sub-frame as standard. Optional aluminium spacers are also available.
Branding. We can apply your own branding to the back of the product.
Bespoke sizes. Up to 50 inches (or 127cm) in diameter.
Production time.  Standard turnaround is 7 – 10 working days.

All wall art up to an overall size of 46 x 36 inches (110 x 90cm) are supplied in a presentation box as standard.



Choose the perfect print finish for your image & style

Print Foundry Lab - Acrylic Gloss Paper
Standard HD Gloss Acrylic

Images will have a high definition crisp look and colours will really pop!

Smooth Matte Finish

An anti-reflective finish to achieve a smooth matte look. Images still look sharp.

Fine Art Etching

The intense textured finish gives the impression of a classical painted masterpiece. An ideal choice for Fine Art Portraiture.

Pro Canvas

A premium polycotton canvas perfect for photo, art reproduction & interior decoration. This canvas has the added benefit of being water & scratch resistant and has an outdoor lifespan of 3 years.

Tray Frame Options

Tray Frames are available with the following finishes

Shallow Tray Black (open grain)

Shallow Tray Brown (open grain)

Shallow Tray White (open grain)

Shallow Tray Natural (bare wood)

Shallow Tray Antique Gold/Black

Shallow Tray Oak Veneer

Shallow Tray Wenge Veneer

Shallow Tray Walnut Veneer

Premium Tray Black (open grain)

Premium Tray Brown (open grain)

Premium Tray White (open grain)

Premium Tray Natural (bare wood)

Premium Tray OAK Veneer

Premium Tray Walnut Veneer

Premium Tray Wenge Veneer

Premium Tray Champagne Gold

Premium Tray Antique Silver

Premium Tray Bronze

Premium Tray Walnut Veneer

Deep Tray Black (open Grain)

Deep Tray White (open grain)

Deep Tray Brown (open Grain)


The sizes below are approximations. We cut all material sizes in inches and have provided centimetres as a reference guide. Size refers to image/print size not overall frame size.

Portrait & Landscape

12x16in. (30x40cm)
12x18in. (30x45cm)
16x20in. (40x50cm)
16x24in. (40x61cm)
20x24in. (50x61cm)
20x30in. (50x76cm)
24x36in. (61x91cm)
30x40in. (76x101cm)
40x50in. (101x127cm)
40x60in. (101x152cm)


12x12in. (30x40cm)
16x16in. (40x40cm)
18x18in. (45x45cm)
20x20in. (50x50cm)
24x24in. (61x61cm)
26x26in. (66x66cm)
30x30in. (76x76cm)
36x36in. (91x91cm)
40x40in. (101x101cm)


24x12in. (61x30cm)
30x12in. (76x30cm)
30x16in. (76x40cm)
40x16in. (101x40cm)
40x20in. (101x50cm)

Help & Advice

Here are some of the most frequesntly asked questions.

There’s a 5 mm gap running all the way around the print giving the floated effect.

Yes, the gap can be increased on request as follows:

  • 20mm for Deep
  • 15 mm for Premium
  • 25mm for Shallow

Please contact us prior to ordering to ensure it will work with the image and frame and to confirm overall size.

Yes, all our products are supplied finished and ready to hang.

When ordering a Tray frame, you will be selecting the image size. Depending on the frame you select, the following inches will be added to the image:

Deep Framed Canvas 5458 (54mm width x 58mm depth): Add 5 inches.
EG. 20 x 20 Canvas would be 25 x 25 inches overall.

Premium Tray Frame 1552 (15mm width x 52mm depth): Add 2 inches.
EG. 20 x 20 image would be 22 x 22 inches overall.

Shallow Tray Frame 1032 (10mm width x 32mm depth): Add 1.5 inches.
EG. 20 x 20 image would be 21.5 x 21.5 inches overall.

Our reliable Softproof colour management is an absolute must-have for professionals. Taking into account the print medium and print technology used, ICC profiles allow exact colour matching.

Download ICC Profiles

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