Products for decerning professionals FINE OUT MORE Pro Mounted Print
Dramatic results without the hefty price-tag

Perfectly Printed:
HD 12-colour process

Fine Art Quality:
Inks Certified 100+ yrs

Lightweight Panels
5mm Black or White

Standard Production:
7 – 10 Working Days

Priority Service:
3 – 5 Day Turnaround

Made To Order:
Bespoke Sizes Upto 3m

Pro Mounted Prints

Affordable Prints, Fine Art Quality

The premium lightweight Pro Mounts offers an affordable print option as images can be produced up to 3m in length, to our signature Fine Art print standard. We use premium 5mm Foamalite® rigid PVC board, as its fine cell structure gives a cleaner edge and improved surface hardness resulting in a better finish.

Pro Mounts are available in 5mm black or white panels with the additional application of a matching colour wooden subframe to the back for a more complementary finish. The prints are pressure mounted to PVC panels and then carefully trimmed down meaning that little to no image is lost. 

The incredible lightweight properties of the Pro Mount make it an ideal option for children’s bedrooms and play areas.



Here are some of the details that set our HD Acrylics apart:

Printing.  12-colour archival pigment printing (Fine Art).
Certified.  Canon pigment inks are guaranteed for 100+ years.
Thickness.  5mm black or white PVC board
Finishing. Sealed with a smooth matte, gloss or ultra-gloss film
Ready to hang.  Supplied with a white or black sub-frame as standard, matching PVC colour choice.
Branding. We can apply your own branding to the back of the product.
Bespoke sizes. Up to 1.5m in width and 3m in length.
Production time.  Standard turnaround is 7 – 10 working days.

All wall art up to an overall size of 46 x 36 inches (110 x 90cm) are supplied in a presentation box as standard.


Choose the perfect print finish for your image & style:

Smooth Matte Finish
An anti-reflective finish to achieve a smooth matte look. Images still look sharp.

Standard Gloss Acrylic
For added vibrancy and a modern, glossy look.

Ultra-Gloss Finish
An ultra-glossy look for an almost acrylic like finish. Comes with a removable protective film to remain finger mark free.


Lightweight and Ready to hang, just choose your PVC colour.

Wooden Subframe
Supplied with white or black wooden subframe matching the PVC colour. Keeps the PVC panel perfectly floated on the wall.

Pro mount

PVC Substrate
Choose from 5mm Black or White PVC. This option is considerably lighter than aluminium sheets. Max size 1500mm x 3000mm..


The sizes below are approximations. We cut all material sizes in inches and have provided centimetres as a reference guide.

Portrait & Landscape

12x16in. (30x40cm)
12x18in. (30x45cm)
16x20in. (40x50cm)
16x24in. (40x61cm)
20x24in. (50x61cm)
20x30in. (50x76cm)
24x36in. (61x91cm)
30x40in. (76x101cm)
40x50in. (101x127cm)
40x60in. (101x152cm)


12x12in. (30x40cm)
16x16in. (40x40cm)
18x18in. (45x45cm)
20x20in. (50x50cm)
24x24in. (61x61cm)
26x26in. (66x66cm)
30x30in. (76x76cm)
36x36in. (91x91cm)
40x40in. (101x101cm)


24x12in. (61x30cm)
30x12in. (76x30cm)
30x16in. (76x40cm)
40x16in. (101x40cm)
40x20in. (101x50cm)

Help & Advice

Here are some of the most frequesntly asked questions.

Yes, the acrylic comes with an aluminium subframe on the back as standard and it sits 2 inches from the top of the acrylic edge. 

You can also select ‘spacers’ when ordering, but this will be shown on the front of your image, on the four corners.

We recommend the subframe as you can hang from it, and won’t affect the image (front). We provide square hangers on the sides which are also useful to help level the piece if wall fixings are not accurate. For smaller pieces (less that 30×20 inches) these can be hung directly from the subframe lip if desired. Galleries often do this as they swap images around and need a quick solution that hangs level.

Our Pro Mounted Print is ideal for a sleek wall piece that subtly floats off the wall and is lightweight. An ideal product for contemporary exhibition prints. The photographic print is sealed with a matte or ultra gloss film and mounted directly to a 5mm white or black pvc board.

Perfect for creating impact Gallery Walls affordably. The Orb Pro Mount is also ideal for childrens rooms and busy play areas as the lightweight product even at 20” is less than 600g, so perfectly safe.

  • Safe for home with kids (lightweight, softer material)
  • Cost effective (when large acrylic can get very expensive, Pro Mount has good size/price ratio)
  • If you are not a fan of reflections/glare (that comes with Acrylic) but still want a very sharp image (matte acrylic will soften image), then we recommend Matte Pro Mount.
  • Still uses archival pigment print / 12 ink colour printing, so you don’t lose any image quality

As opposed to Dibond and Acrylic prints, there won’t be any crop on the Pro Mounted prints.

We mount the image to a 5mm  pvc board that we cut and give final touches

Acrylic, Pro Mount, Dibond mounted print: Up to 59.5 in on the short edge, up to 118 in long (1.5 x 3 m)

Our HD Acrylics come with a white 1mm PVC on the back as we want to keep it as sleek as possible.

Our reliable Softproof colour management is an absolute must-have for professionals. Taking into account the print medium and print technology used, ICC profiles allow exact colour matching.

Download ICC Profiles

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