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Our own handmade boxes to perfectly present your beautiful images.

High Quality
Photo Lab Prints

Leather Embossed
Luxury Boxes

10 x 8 inch &
12 x 10 inch Sizes

3 – 5 Days Production

White or Black Archival Mounts

Optional Foil
Stamped Logo

A Box to Last a Lifetime

When you’ve spent time executing the perfect print, it deserves perfect presentation. Our Print box is a Charcoal Grey Leather effect folio box, and comfortably holds up to 20 Matted prints or 50 Photo Prints.

Slip mounts are handy & quick, but they can also be flimsy, and prints often drop within them as well as time-consuming to do 20 – 30. Our mounts are archival and full bonded front and back, giving you something completely finished and ready for your client Reveal walls or to drop straight into frames.

You can blind emboss the cover or you can opt for gold or silver foil. As the material is thermo-reactive, it darkens as you blind emboss it for a little extra special finish. It is presented in a beautiful black bag for extra protection and to maximise the wow factor of the images inside.

We offer two size boxes: 12×10 inch and 10×8. Further Specs and sizes below.

Thermo-reactive Material

The natural inspired surface designs of the NAPURA® range leave a lasting impression. The dyed-through, thermo-reactive paper is virtually indistinguishable from the original fibre in terms of appearance and feel and makes blind embossing stand out particularly well.

Hot Foil Blocks

Crafting hot foil blocks is an art steeped in tradition. Our team of skilled staff are dedicated to producing excellence, seen every day in their uncompromising attention to detail. We use traditional crafted quality hot foil blocks in etched magnesium as well as outstanding quality CNC-programmed brass blocks. If you only have a jpg image of your logo then we can only create a Magnesium block. But If you have a vector logo you can upgrade to the ultimate quality and endurance of hot foil brass dies.

The brass printing plates are then hand-finished using our expert artisan skills.

Their excellent heat retention enables precision results time after time after time for many thousands of impressions. The razor-sharp definition and accurate reproduction achieved is perfect to create stunning effects on our luxury leather effect boxes.

ProLab Paper Options

Choose the perfect print finish for your image & style

Photo Gloss 240gsm

Photo Lustre 240gsm

Photo ArteMatte 240gsm

Photo ArteMatte Textured 240gsm

Available Sizes

Mounts are available in a white or black

10 x 8 Print Box (No Mounts)
Fits up to 80 prints at 10 x 8 in

10 x 8 Matted Print Box
10 x 8 Mounts with prints up to 8 x 6in – Qty 5
10 x 8 Mounts with prints up to 8 x 6in – Qty 10
10 x 8 Mounts with prints up to 8 x 6in – Qty 15
10 x 8 Mounts with prints up to 8 x 6in – Qty 20

12 x 10 Matted Print Box
12 x 10 Mounts with prints up to 10x8in – Qty 5
12 x 10 Mounts with prints up to 10x8in – Qty 10
12 x 10 Mounts with prints up to 10x8in – Qty 15
12 x 10 Mounts with prints up to 10x8in – Qty 20
12 x 10 Mounts with prints up to 10x8in – Qty 30

Help & Advice

Here are some of the most frequesntly asked questions.

Our print boxes are available in either 12x10inch or 10x8inch

Our 10×8 boxes can hold up to 20 (single) matted prints.
Our 12×10 boxes can hold up to 30 (single) matted prints.
For 12×10 orders above 20 matted prints, we use our new deeper deluxe box.

We will need to get your logo made into a stamp (magnesium or brass); which can be ordered by email and will be maintained safely for you in our workshop for your unlimited use.

Once we have the stamp made, we can use it to stamp any box you order.

The embossing cost per box is £5 on each box (Silver, Gold or Blind Embossing)

Yes, our Print Boxes come with matted prints and are fully assembled. You have a choice of white or black mounts when ordered.

That’s no problem at all; please add your preferences in the special instructions part of our ordering system, label the images accordingly and the office team will be happy to process this for you.

Our reliable Softproof colour management is an absolute must-have for professionals. Taking into account the print medium and print technology used, ICC profiles allow exact colour matching.

Download ICC Profiles

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